4 Exciting Ways To Jazz Up Your Homemade Kaiser Buns

Kaiser buns are a great option for home bakers. They are relatively simple to make as far as yeast breads go, and the results are versatile. You can eat kaiser rolls as dinner rolls, in sandwiches, and even buttered with jam for breakfast. However, if you've been making kaiser rolls for a while, you might be getting a little bored with the same rolls every time. Here are some fun ways to jazz them up.

1. Make garlic kaiser rolls.

Instead of slathering kaiser rolls with garlic butter after they're baked, bake the garlic right into the roll! All you have to do is add about 2 teaspoons of garlic powder to the kaiser bun dough. You can add it at the very beginning of the mixing process when you add the flour. After you shape the rolls for their second rise, brush them with the standard egg mixture, and then sprinkle them with some more garlic powder. You can throw in a little onion powder, too, if you like.

2. Create mock cinnamon buns.

Making actual cinnamon buns is quite a different process from making kaiser rolls, but you can use your kaiser roll dough and make something that's at least close. Mix together 1/2 cup brown sugar and 2 teaspoons cinnamon. When shaping each roll, put a dollop of this mixture in the center and shape the roll around it. Let the rolls have their second rise, and bake them as normal. They'll emerge from the oven with sweet, cinnamon-filled centers.

3. Add some fresh herbs.

You can also add your favorite fresh herbs to your kaiser rolls. It's best not to add them until right before the second rise — when you punch the dough down, but before shaping it into individual rolls. Mince your preferred herbs finely so they incorporate into the dough well. Fresh rosemary tastes wonderful, and a combination of basil and oregano can make for a lovely, Italian-inspired kaiser roll.

4. Flavor them with sesame oil.

Another option is to use toasted sesame oil in place of the canola oil or butter than your kaiser roll recipe calls for. This oil will give the rolls a decidedly sesame flavor that is really great for a sandwich. If you feel like you never quite get enough sesame seeds on your kaiser buns, this idea is for you!

Kaiser rolls are even more versatile than you know. Rely on the ideas above for some variety.